Product Review | Murad Essential-C Cleanser

Happy Sunday all, hope your weekend is going well!

When I was cleaning out my bathroom closet of all the makeup products that got lost in the back, I found this little cleanser. Turns out, the Murad Lotion I had received as a “free gift” for buying a certain amount of stuff at Ulta, was part of a sampler pack. (I probably knew this when I got it, but since forgotten.) I know I didn’t really care for the lotion too much, but since I had ran out of cleanser I figured I’d at least give it a try. Now let’s get into this…

Environmental Shield Essential-C Cleanser | Murad


Some Amazing Things

Gentle. This cleanser is very gentle on your skin. I have been known to try to use a bit harsher of a cleanser with bits to scrub out any dirty from your pores, but lately I’ve been trying to use more gentle skin care products and I really think my skin has been reacting a lot more positively than expected. This gentle cleanser is perfect for those wanting to give their skin a little break from all the scrubbing.

Leaves Your Skin Soft. After even the first use, my skin felt amazing. I was amazed that even before I had put any moisturizer on, my skin was smooth as shea butter. My skin feels so evened out after using this product continuously, that I even have been finding myself wearing less foundation makeup because of it.

It Foams Up. Ok, so this might seem silly of a thing to be excited about, but after using so many scrubbing cleanser, it’s been nice to have something that foams up more like a soap. Just adding a little bit of water goes a long way, and it really feels like you are CLEANING your skin, not just treating it.

A Little Goes A Long Way. Of course, it’s not a product review if this part wasn’t in it. I use less than a dime sized drop in my hand, add water, and it works for my whole face and neck. (*Note, I do have quite a small head, but I’m sure this amount would work for anyone with normal sized heads. And yes, this is why I look ridiculous in sunnies or hats.)


A Bit Messy. So this might just be a problem with the packaging of the sampler set, but it constantly comes out of the tube, whether you are squeezing it or not. As soon as you uncap it, it starts pouring out, which makes it hard to put the cap back on without making a mess. Looking at the packaging of the normal sized product, it’s hard to tell whether this will be a consistent problem or not, unfortunately.

A Bit Pricey. The full sized version comes at $38, which is a bit pricey as far as cleansers goes. The full size package is 6.75 oz, which is slightly less than 6x the size of the sample I got (a 1.5 oz tube). I do want to note that the small sampler tube has been lasting me quite some time, even though most of it keeps dumping out when I try to use it. I’d also say that even though it is pricey initially, it’ll last for a long time and might be worth it.


I actually really like this product a lot. It leaves my skin nice and clean, and I really feel like the benefits greatly outweigh the downsides. When I finish the sampler, I do plan on purchasing the full sized product. I would recommend this to anyone trying to find a gentle and clean cleanser.

What new products have you been really liking? Please let me know! Have a great week, XOXO


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