Current Obsession | NYX Liquid Lipsticks

Hello everyone, hope your weekend is going well and you all are staying warm!

I’m always on the hunt for a good “low maintenance” lipstick and, after hearing the beauty world rave about NYX lipsticks, I knew I had to jump on board. And they couldn’t have been more right! So far I’ve tried a couple in the Liquid Suede line and a couple in the Lingerie line and have been very impressed with both.

Now let’s get into this…

Liquid Lipsticks | NYX


Why I’m Obsessed

Gorgeous Pigment Options.  I just love all of the color options that these two lines have. Currently, I have Vintage and Soft Spoken in the Liquid Suede line and Exotic and Ruffle Trim in the Lingerie line. When Vintage dries, it’s a beautiful darkish purple that is perfect for the autumn and winter months. I wore Soft Spoken a lot during summer, as it dries just slightly brighter than my natural lip shade, much like a dusty peach/coral. Exotic is my favorite shade to wear on a night out, it’s a bit more of a red tint and dries far bolder than Soft Spoken or Ruffle Trim. Ruffle Trim is my current everyday shade. It’s a nice neutral tone that is perfect if you just want to brighten up your natural lips while not having too dramatic of a lip. The main difference between the two lines that I’ve found is that the Liquid Suede has a lot more “dramatic” colors while Lingerie has more similar pink and peachy shades.

It Dries Matte. One reason why I’m usually not huge fan of liquid lipsticks is that they typically are either super shiny or super sticky. I can never find a good liquid lipstick that doesn’t make my lips stick together or look like I’m wearing the same lip gloss I used to wear in middle school. NYX has crushed that stereotype for me in so many ways. For one, it dries pretty quickly. I’ve only ever had to blot it once right away, and usually I don’t blot at all. I’ve never had any of this liquid lipstick come off on any of my coffee mugs or drink ware (I guess no one will know which ones are mine now). Not only does it dry quickly, it also dries matte instead of glossy. I never really got into the high gloss lips phase, so I’m super thankful for this fact.

It’s Low Maintenance. I very, very rarely remember to reapply any makeup, let alone my lipstick. I tend to let it just smudge off on anything, fade away, and have random lipstick patches that make me look like I let a kindergartner do my makeup. Quite possibly the greatest thing about this lipsticks is that they fade really evenly. I’m not sure how NYX has managed it, but once it starts coming off, it comes of extremely evenly. No, it does not last forever or has some amazing stay power, but I’ll take an even fade over lasting five hours then being chunky any day.


Whenever I feel like really trying, I usually put on some liquid foundation over my lips, and letting it dry before application. Not sure on the science behind this really, but I definitely notice that it causes any lipstick to last a lot longer. After I let the foundation dry, I go over with the liquid lipstick, blot once, and done. I never really use lip pens to outline my lips mainly because I’m lazy, but the applicator on these liquid lipsticks are actually really easy to maneuver and make sure there aren’t any extra smudges anywhere

I would honestly recommend anyone go check out NYX’s many liquid lipstick lines. I haven’t been disappointed once, and it’s definitely for those who are low maintenance lipstick wearers such as myself. You can usually find them for around 7-8 dollars, which is an absolute steal compared to the majority of lipsticks. (Liquid Suede, Lingerie).

I love hearing from you! What lipsticks have you been loving lately? Please let me know in the comments below! XO


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