Current Obsession | Perfectly Posh Boho Soul Hand Cream

Happy Weekend Everyone! I hope it’s going well!

Now that the winter is finally showing up, along with the magical snowfall comes the dry, dry skin. While getting some previous Perfectly Posh goodies (which, if you couldn’t tell yet, is an obsession altogether), I came across this fun new hand cream and figured why not give it a try. And damn, is it good.

Boho Soul Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme | Perfectly Posh

Why I’m Obsessed

It smells just like all of your fall hopes and dreams. With scents like “Exotically spiced fruits, amber, and oud wood”, this luxurious hand cream smells so heavenly and just the way you picture autumn to smell like

It’s very thick and creamy. This is probably one of the thickest hand creams that I ever owned. And an added bonus, it sinks right into your skin, leaving your hands feeling nice and soft for hours.

It doesn’t leave your skin greasy. This is a problem I tend to have with hand creams, especially thick ones: usually they leave your skin greasy and/or shiny. When you work on a computer all day, typing with greasy hands isn’t always the best. With this hand cream, however, it sinks quickly and leaves no oil/greasiness/shine behind!

A little goes a long way. Duh. Of course this is a fact in my hand creams, however it really is true. This product is 3 fl oz, and I’ve loaned it out to all my friends and coworkers and use it fairly often. It seems to never end!


I feel like the “use” portion of this current obsession is pretty straight forward; hands are dry, put some on, good to go.

I absolutely love this hand cream and honestly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new cream. At only $9, you can pick it up here. I know I will be ordering some more soon, and I’ll probably even get some of their other hand creams. Color me impressed.

I love hearing from you! What hand creams have you been loving? Please let me know in the comments below! XOXO


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