Autumn Pamper Session

Hello Everyone, I hope your week is going well!

Even though it’s already November and we are still experiencing unseasonable warmth, it’s getting a bit chillier in the evenings. And with all the stressful craziness going on lately, we need a bit of relaxation time to ourselves. What’s more perfect than a nice, warm, autumnal pamper session, to prepare you and your skin for this upcoming winter and rest your mind, even just for a few moments. Now let’s get into this!

Autumn Pamper Session


Step One: Create The Mood


Pampering yourself is all about relaxation, so it’s important to create the perfect setting. Because most of the products I use are scented, I opt for battery operated candles. They are unscented and I want to be relaxed, not constantly worried that one of the candles might catch my shower curtain afire. Now’s also the perfect time to find a good book to read, put on your favorite music, or set up a movie/TV show to catch up on. (I opted for catching up on the new seasons of American Horror Story, which may not have been as relaxing as anticipated, but hey, I’m so hooked into that show.)

Step Two: Run A Warm Water Bath


Grab your favorite bath bomb, bath salts, bubble bath, etc. To stick with the autumn theme, I reached for Lush’s Autumn Leaf bath bomb. With neroli, bergamot, and sandalwood, it really smells like you’re bringing the crisp autumn air in with you.

Step Three: Prepare Your Face

Before doing a face mask, it’s important to make sure your face is fully clean first. I like to test out new products while I’m pampering myself, so I went for the Mario Badescu Skin Care Seaweed Cleansing Soap I got as a free sample. It was so fresh and clean, making my skin feel as if I just took a trip to the spa. I followed up with my trusty Pixi Glow Tonic to ensure all of my pores were clean and ready for face mask time.

Step Four: Get in your Bath and Relax!

Step Five: Mask Time!

Towards the end of my bath, I’ll try to do a couple of different masks. This time I went the triple threat: body, face, and hair masks. For my body, I tried Perfectly Posh’s Smashing Good Pumpkin Face and Body Clay. I was a little leery of this at first, since I’m not a huge pumpkin fan, but it surprised me with a pleasant smell that only had a light hint of pumpkin. It also left my body feeling oh-so-smooth. For my face, I reached for Perfectly Posh’s Cackle Spackle. This felt perfect for my pores. It was a bit gritty and more clay-like texture. I really could feel it taking all of the dirt from my pores while also shrinking them; super detoxifying. For my hair, I went for Lush’s Roots, a product I’ve been using for awhile now (and have been meaning to write a full review on, coming soon, hopefully?) It’s amazing how nourishing this hair treatment is!

Step Five: Moisturize

What’s a better way to end a lovely pamper session then moisturizing your entire face and body? To moisturize my face, I went for Perfectly Posh’s Night and Day Natural Face Moisturizer. With organic olive oil, lavender, and aloe vera it not only smells heavenly, it feels heavenly. To top off my body, I used Perfectly Posh’s Violet Femme Whipped Body Butter. A little goes a long way for this big tub,  it smells amazing wonderful, and it leaves your skin smooth as butter. (Which, as I’m editing this, I realize is no longer in their online store. However, any of Perfectly Posh’s Body Butters that I’ve tried have been oh-so amazing, I really do recommend them!)

Step Six: Get into your most comfortable PJ’s and slip into bed!

No perfect way to end your pamper session than slipping off into a night full of peaceful slumber.

I love hearing from you! What are some of your pamper rituals? Please let me know in the comments! XOXO



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