Photo Journey | A Day at the Apple Orchard

Hello Everyone! I hope your weekend is going great!

One of my favorite things about autumn is all the fun activities surrounding the season. Bonfires, apple orchards, wine tastings, pumpkin patches; it’s all so wondrous. While I was visiting my hometown for a few weeks, I made sure to take advantage of being closest to my favorite apple orchard. We were late in the day from coming off of work, but it worked out in our favor as we hit the orchards right at the mystic golden hour. (After, of course, taking full advantage of the $5 for 7 wine tasting deal in the wine barn!) I tried to take a few photos of this gorgeous orchard and picked the best few. (Again, I don’t claim to be a great photographer, after all, these were all just taken on my smart phone. Maybe I’ll get there one day!)

Enjoy 🙂


What are some  of your favorite fall activities? Please let me know below! XO


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