Product Review | Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Hello all, hope your week is starting off well!  I know I’ve been doing a lot of Product Reviews lately, but I’ve been trying out some new products and I don’t want to put off sharing with you all just for the sake of changing up the themes in my blog. I do have some autumn-inspired ideas coming up soon, but until then, I can’t wait to share these products with you (including the underappreciated and over-hyped). Now let’s get into this…

I’m sure you’ve also heard just about every blogger rave about Smashbox’s foundation primers. That’s why as soon as I had a good chunk of change built up to spend on some beauty products, I knew this seemingly coveted product had to be in my haul.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer | Smashbox


Some Amazing Things

A Little Goes A Long Way. If this isn’t the first post of mine you’ve seen, then you know it’s no surprise that this is one of my favorite qualities in a product. I have always, and will always, rave about a product that has that “little goes a long way” element. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this product as much as everyone else has, so I bought the travel size (a tip that I recommend to anyone trying out a new product), and it’s really lasted me a long time.

Pore Minimizing. I’m not exactly sure this is what they mean by “photo finish”, but I definitely notice a different in the texture of my skin after application. I never really consider myself to have a very “porous” face, but it definitely smooth things down a bit.


Greasy. Yes, I know it very clearly states “oil free” on the packaging. So therefore, technically, it cannot be greasy. However, whenever I apply this to my face, it feels so greasy to me. I feel like it is just clogging my pores (maybe that’s how it smooths them out…). I just can’t get over the feeling that it’s leaving a shiny film on my skin.

Doesn’t Hold Onto Makeup. So I feel like I worded that one a little oddly, however, I really don’t feel like this primer does anything in the way of adhering makeup to your skin (aka, what primers are supposed to do). I thought my makeup wasn’t lasting as long as it used to, but it wasn’t until I ran out of my beloved Urban Decay Setting Spray that I realized it was due to the primer. As soon as I stopped using the setting spray, I saw a drastic difference in the lasting power of my makeup. (More than before I started using the setting spray at the beginning of the year). I was very disappointed to find this theory to be true upon switching my primer back to my old one.


Unfortunately, I really think this product is over-hyped. I’ve loved some Smashbox products in the past, so I have nothing against the brand, but I was expecting so much more from a product coveted by so many beauty bloggers. Maybe it’s just personal preference, but I wouldn’t recommend this product to someone. There are so many other great primers out there (including a fabulous one from Pixi), that I think they’d be much better suited for your primer needs than this one from Smashbox.

I’d love to hear from you! Have you tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer? What were your thoughts on the product? Or, what are some primers you really have been loving lately?

Hope you all have a great week! XOXO


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