DIY With Me | Cork/Chalkboard

Happy Sunday everyone! While making my apartment look great with a budget, I’ve attempted [emphasis on attempted] to make some things at home for cheaper. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not the most DIY savvy person, so often my projects fall to the “Pintrest Fails” side of it. Either way, I figured I’d at least bring you all around on my journey of “doing it myself” projects. Some may be successes, most might be misses, but hopefully they will all be entertaining to read/watch through. So welcome to the very first DIY With Me!


I’ve often seen these half cork, half chalk boards all over, but for some reason they are 3 times as expensive as just buying one or the other. This inspired me to try to make one myself; no directions or pinterest recommendations. So hopefully this will work out.

Step 1: Buy Supplies. When I originally thought of this product, all I bought was a chalkboard for $7.99 and some cork tiles for $4.99. I already had chalk laying around because I’m obsessed with things that have chalk labeling, ex. my mason jar mugs. [Even though I never actually write on them]

20160806_171121 (2)

Step 2: Open Supplies Months Later And Realize It Doesn’t Exactly Fit The Way You Want. Frantically Rearrange Tiles While Contemplating Life.


Step 3: Get Scissors, But Don’t Measure Anything Because You Don’t Own A Ruler

20160806_171735 (2)

Step 4: Be Surprised With Your Relative Success


Step 5: Be Pleasantly Surprised The Tiles Came With Sticky Squares Because You Didn’t Think That Far.


Step 6: Don’t Read Instructions On Sticky Squares And Hope They Work On Chalkboard


Step 7:  Be Distracted By Momentary Success When You Realize You Didn’t Figure Out How To Hang It


Step 8: Find Some Command Strips Deep In Your Closet, Don’t Read Instructions And Hope It Works


Step 9: Hang Finished Project And Be Surprised With Mild Success

IMG_20160806_174613 (2)

Actual Supplies Used: Chalkboard, cork tiles, chalk, command strips, glass of ice cold beer [optional for stress management]

Outcome: Mild success; cork to chalkboard ratio slightly off, lines aren’t even. But still looks decent.

Thank you for joining me on this DIY Journey. Let me know if it was as entertaining for you as it was for the people watching me struggle. I wish you luck in all of your DIY endeavors!


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