Friday Five | May Favorites

Hello Everyone! This month has flew by so quickly! It’s been so packed with ups and downs; moving in, getting sick, going on a mini vacation, etc, that I think all the crazy busyness just made it fly on by. During this crazy time, I still found some products and things that I’ve really been loving this month. Now let’s get into this…





1. Coco Pure Makeup Removing Wipes with Coconut Water Facial Towelettes by Pacifica

I’ve mentioned this product in a review a bit ago, but I really started falling in love with this product. Previously, I just bought the travel size version, but I liked it so much I ended up just purchasing the whole 30 pack. (Which are all biodegradable, by the way). I’m usually really terrible at keeping up with taking my makeup off every day, but these towelettes make it insanely easier, and they are very sensitive to your skin. It doesn’t feel at all like you are using any harsh chemicals near your eyes (because you really aren’t), and it still works just as well as those harsher makeup removers. I go a little bit more in detail of this product in my previous post, but I loved it so much I thought I’d add it to my favorites as well.


2. French Press by Bodum

Many of you might not know, but I am insanely obsessed with coffee. It’s more than just a “don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee” kind of love (although that’s also very true). I really cherish my morning coffee time. Just relaxing first thing in the morning with a warm cup of coffee really puts me in such a good mood for the rest of my day. I’m always looking for new and exciting coffee beans and methods, and I recently rediscovered the french press. I’ve had this one for years and years, and just from unpacking to my new place I found it again. I got so excited that I made myself a pot at like 4pm! It’s really the freshest tasting way to brew coffee (that I’ve tried so far). You just mix the grounds with hot water, press the plunger down so it filters the hot water through, and pour your cup of deliciousness. It’s also way more eco-friendly than using filters, since it’s just one you rinse out and reuse again. If you are super into coffee like me, definitely give this a try if you haven’t before.


3. Backpack

Since I moved, I no longer have a vehicle at my disposal because I’m in a mostly walking city anyway. Therefore, I walk to work, which takes about 30 min (not as bad as it sounds, trust me!) When you are walking for 30 min, though, purses become extremely annoying. That’s when I found this cute little backpack (at a second hand store for only $5). It’s perfect for what I need. I can fit my water bottle, a lunch, my wallet, phone charger, keys, and a couple notebooks and my walks become hands free.  It’s little, so you can’t fit too much unnecessary things in it, which keeps it nice and light. I’m honestly thinking of just using a backpack instead of a purse for everything now!


4. Fresh Herb Garden

As I mentioned in a previous post, I love having plants inside my home. I knew when I moved, I wanted to get some greenery and having an herb garden not only accomplishes this, it’s extremely useful. In my garden, I have basil (which grows like a weed, and is why it’s in the bigger pot), lemon balm (great for teas and other remedies), Italian parsley, and spearmint (for Mojitos, of course). So far, this herb garden has been really low maintenance and produces quite a bit of leaves for a bit of everything. If you are living on your own or even with some friends, try adding an herb garden for your kitchen needs!


5. Basil Scented Candle by Mrs. Meyer’s

I remember when I first bought this candle years and years ago, thinking the scent so surprisingly refreshing. I used to work at a little health food shop, and we got in a bunch of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products, so I obviously had to pick up one of each. Since then, as I moved a few times, I recently rediscovered Mrs. Meyer’s. The products they have, including their hand soap, detergent, and especially candles, are all extremely scented. This basil scent is my favorite by far, but the whole range is quite amazing. I love burning this candle in my kitchen/living area, especially when I know I will have a guest because it makes my apartment smell so fresh and clean. It even makes your apartment smell great just with the lid off, not lit. And once it’s burned down, you have a really cute jar to keep things in! If you love fresh scents, definitely check this brand out!

What have you been loving this month? Please let me know below!

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