Friday Five | Making Your Apartment a Home

Hello everyone! Like I mentioned before, I’m all moved into my lovely new apartment! Here is the first of many, I’m sure, posts about home/house ware/etc. Now lets’ get into this…

Whether it’s your first time out of the family house, first time moving to a place without roommates, or just another change of address, it can be difficult find a home in your new space. Especially if you’re freshly moving into a place by yourself, it’s important to make your space a home or it can start to feel a bit lonely. While moving in, (and from moving in quite a few times previously) I’ve found some tips and tricks to help quickly make your place a home, even if you’re on a budget for the first few months. (Hence why I still don’t have a bed, yay for air mattresses)

1. Find Your Style

I find it really important to find a cohesive style in your space. It makes it feel more like a home and less like the disorganized chaos of those dorms of your college past (was that just me?). Whether you find inspiration from Pinterest, HGTV, or home and garden magazines, spend a few hours figuring out what really makes you feel cozy and which styles you want to go for. And if there’s a few that you really like and can’t decide, it’s perfectly ok to have a different style for each room! (ie. kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom.) If there is a small bit of connection between the different styles, it can really help a studio to separate the areas out nicely. The layout I’ve been going for is a bit of industrial, mixed media feel (imagine wood and metal). For my living room, my colors are more dark wood (which looks great against my light wood floors), silver and dark metal, with an accent color of blue in a few things. My bathroom so far is black and white, but I’m thinking of incorporating light colored wood and maybe purple tones. The plan for my bedroom is light colors and gold, but that’s probably going to have to wait for awhile. (Beds are expensive!)

Once you figure out your style, start collecting bits and bobs to match your style. Go to garage sales, get some really good furniture at a decent price. Who said decorating your space had to be expensive? I got a really great table for only $5 that matched perfectly how I wanted my apartment to be, all I have to do is darken the wood a bit. Just remember, getting your place to match your vision is a process. Don’t be upset if it takes a few months. You will be living in this place for a year or more (depending on your lease arrangement); a few months out of a year of having your dream apartment is really a great trade-off.

2. Candles

Yes, candles. No, this is not because I am obsessed with candles. I truly feel that when making your house a home, you should consider all of your senses, not just sight. You want your place to smell like a home, too! Try playing with some scents for specific rooms, or even just having the same scent drifting through your whole place. It makes your space feel a lot cozier and a lot like home. Currently I’ve been burning a Basil scented candle by Meyer’s and it’s really been making the whole place smell clean and homey.

3. Natural and Soft Lighting

Having a lot of natural light really makes a difference. Open up your blinds and let the sun shine in! Harsh or florescent lighting can really make your space feel more like a convenience store and less like a home. If you don’t have a lot of windows, or even when it gets dark out, get soft lighting for your space instead of using the harsh overhead lighting the apartment came with. My personal favorite is draping white string lights around windows and door walls. It’s a lot easier on your eyes and helps to make your space feel much cozier and more like home.

4. Music

Going along the same line of candles, you want all your senses to feel at home. Especially if you are living alone, the silence can feel deafening. It goes from feeling extremely lonely, to every little sound you hear is a murderer. I make sure I constantly have some tunes going on in the background while I do chores around the house, get ready for the day, or even chill for the night with a book. I use Spotify (not a sponsor, just really obsessed) because they have playlists for literally every situation, plus you can make your own playlists. If your phone or computer speakers really aren’t up to par for jamming out in your apartment, try investing in a Bluetooth portable speaker. These are great for everything, from your apartment to even bringing on picnics to laying on the beach.

5. Plants

At first, this may seem silly, but adding some life really helps making your space feel more like home. Not only do plants help bring oxygen into your apartment and get it feeling fresh, it’s nice to have some other life in your space. (I’m not saying that the plants will talk back to you, but you’ll be surprised how much it really adds to the place). Before purchasing your plants, really make sure there’s not bugs in your plants. This may seem like common sense, but having a bug problem is really not fun in an apartment on your own vs. when you have someone that can help take care of them for you. A really good and safe method  if you do find some bugs is mixing a bit of dish soap with water and spraying it on your plants; it won’t kill your plants at all, and it helps keep the bugs down. I have a mini-herb garden, and I made sure I picked up a mint plant to help keep some bugs at bay. (As mentioned in a previous blog, peppermint keeps away a lot of bugs and spiders.) If you don’t exactly have a green thumb (like me, keep your fingers crossed for my mini-herb garden!), pick up some succulents. They don’t require much water or much potting space, are pretty easy going plants, and most of them look really pretty.

I hope these tips and tricks help! What are some of your tips and tricks for getting your space to feel more like a home? Leave some below in the comments! And don’t worry, once my apartment is all done, I’m planning on posting lots of pictures 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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