Product Review | Lush Enchanted Eye Cream

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a grand weekend! Good news: no longer sick, so my blogs will probably make a lot more sense now. If you couldn’t tell, I finally reorganized my blog and gave it a mini facelift, and I got some more ideas brewing so look out for those! Now let’s get into this…

Lush Enchanted Eye Cream


Some Amazing Things

Like it claims, it is extremely gentle on your skin. This is perfect for on your eyelid and around your eye, where your skin is most fragile.

Also as it claims, it is very softening and moisturizing without being too heavy or greasy. I love this as it makes applying makeup a lot easier than using other full face moisturizers on your eyes.

A little goes a long way; just the smallest pump is enough for both eyes.

This product is made with all natural ingredients and the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic!


This product does claim to give you a “just awoke from a full nights beauty sleep”, which, at least in my experience, it really does not. As you can probably tell by how worn the label is, I’ve had this product and have been using it for quite some time. I waited awhile to write a review on this because I thought it might be one of those products that you’d start noticing a difference after using it for x amount of time. During use of this product, I never noticed a difference in the dark circles under my eyes, nor the puffy bags under my eyes.

It’s pretty expensive for what you get out of it. At $27.95 per 1.5 oz, even if a little goes a long way, that’s a bit of a stretch.

All in all, I don’t really recommend this product. Yes, I love Lush and everything they are about, but they have a lot of other really wonderful products. And yes, I do continue to use this product, but mostly as a moisturizer and to get my money’s worth out of it. For such an expensive little product, I was really underwhelmed. It’s great for an eye moisturizer, but I’m sure you can get a product just as good, for a lot less. Or even a product that does a lot more, such as decreasing bags and dark circles, for the same price. Sorry Lush, but this product didn’t really hit it out of the park. That being said, it’s not stopping me from buying other amazing Lush products, just not this particular one. (If you do want to check it out, I will start linking to the product’s website in the picture).

Do you have any recommendations for a good eye cream? Please leave it below!


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