Friday Five | Tips and Tricks

Hello Everyone! Still a bit sick, unfortunately, but hopefully will be on the up and up soon! (So if some parts don’t make sense, I’m sorry, cough medicine makes me a bit loopy. So thank you for sticking through this, I’ll try to proof read a couple times before sending this out ๐Ÿ˜› )

I constantly find myself telling those around me little tips throughout the day. I don’t know where I’ve acquired most of this information, but my brain seems to collect random facts throughout the years. A lot of it is useless random facts, but some of it is pretty helpful tips and tricks. From beauty to health to other, I’ve decided to compile a list of the best tips and tricks I’ve collected and post them on here for y’all. I can already imagine this being the first of many. Now let’s get into this!

1. Peppermint

This is one I’ve learned from a few customers at a health food store I used to work at. (Want to learn about different properties of herbs and spices? Just hang around your local health food store for a bit and you’ll find out a lot of great information!). I’m a big advocate of this one: Peppermint keeps spiders and mosquitoes at bay! Seriously! To better paint a picture of this, let me describe how it’s worked for me. Awhile ago, I started purchasing shampoo with peppermint in it designed to help my hair grow in better, not for spiders or mosquitoes. During this time, my apartment complex was built on a swamp, and my parents live near a wetlands, so you can imagine how many mosquitoes I encountered in my day-to-day life. The summer I switched to this new shampoo, I kid you not, I did not get a single mosquito bite. And I’m one of those people that thought mosquitoes had acquired a special taste for my blood. So if you are also one of those people, try buying either shampoo or even body wash with peppermint in it, and you will be pleasantly surprised! No more harsh chemicals from bug spray! And try putting peppermint oil in the corners and cracks of your living space to keep away spiders and other creepy crawlies. I’m planning on just having a couple pots of peppermint around the house, and I’m sure that will work just as well!

2. Freeze Your Eyeliner

I feel like I’ve mentioned this one before, but it is definitely worth mentioning again. This little fact I believe I picked up from a Self magazine many, many years ago. A great way to get your eyeliner from smudging or crumpling while applying is to pop it in your freezer for about 10 minutes before applying. This works wonders, especially for applying eyeliner to your waterline. I use this trick primarily for gel eyeliner, but I know the magazine said it works well for eyeliner pencils. The jury is still out on liquid and pen/marker eyeliners, I would expect it to work on liquid, but I imagine that it might dry out pens/markers. I might have to give it a try and report back!

3. Waterline Eyeliner

One thing I get asked a lot from those around me is “Why do you put eyeliner on your waterline? Should I put eyeliner on my waterline?”. Applying eyeliner to your waterline can be a tricky thing, and it only works for some people. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work for you, honestly, you’ll have less of a hassle. The most common reason why using eyeliner underneath your eye is a good thing is to make you appear older. I am currently 25, but I look like I’m under 18. Now, I’m not complaining, I know it’s better to look younger than older, but it’s nice to look at least my age. I don’t know the science behind why applying eyeliner to your waterline ages you, but it really does. On my lazy days when I just use eye shadow (which is most days now honestly), I definitely notice a difference. Now, if you are trying to appear younger, I do not suggest this technique at all. If you still want to get the same definition, just swipe whatever shade you are using for the crease of your lid underneath your lower lashes from the middle to outer corner to create a great but not aging effect. If you do apply eyeliner to your waterline, I 100% suggest using the freezing technique previously mentioned, as it can be a bit messy, especially if you have watery eyes.

4. Lemon + etc Water

Now I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I am an AVID coffee drinker. I can barely make it in a day without coffee, and I really cherish my morning coffee time. So I’m not suggesting this as a way to replace coffee at all, but it has great health benefits, and I honestly believe it’s helping kick out this cold I’ve gotten. Every morning or so, try drinking some hot water with lemon (for your throat), tumeric (it has been proven to help with your immune system), cinnamon (has been proven to help with your metabolism and digestive system), and if you choose to consume honey, add some honey or whatever honey replacement you have (I’m currently trying Agave, but to be honest I’m not sure if it has similar properties, so definitely taking suggestions!) If you are feeling slightly ill, this concoction definitely helps. During the winter months, I would drink this fairly regularly and I never gotten full-blown sick. I never expected to get sick this late in the season, so I’ve been slacking and could be another reason why I’m currently sick. Give this a go, and I promise it doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds!

5. Coconut Water

I am a huge advocate for coconut water! (Organic, fair trade obviously since there are so many horrible things going on in the coconut industry). I find myself almost on the daily telling people to hydrate and drink some coconut water. A few great uses: it’s extremely hydrating, so great for after workouts or whenever you are feeling a bit dehydrated. It’s amazing for hangovers! (No joke!). It contains a lot of potassium, and if someone has the unfortunate incident of drinking too much and need to go to the hospital, they give you what’s called a “Banana bag”, which is mostly straight potassium into your veins. This is just a bit of proof that potassium is great for helping with alcohol problems (Needing to sober up, hangovers, headaches, etc). Don’t be discouraged if it has a pink color to it, on the contrary, I encourage you to search for coconut water that is pink. This just means that there are more antioxidants in it, which somehow turn the water pink. The brand I usually reach for is Harmless Harvest because it sells coconut water that is pink, explains a lot about what they do for the community, and in my opinion, tastes the best. Now I am going to level with you, coconut water is definitely not known for it’s taste, if you catch my drift. If you really don’t like it, but want to take advantage of it’s many great benefits, try just drinking it at once like medicine or even hiding it in a smoothie or juice. Coconut water is definitely not just a fad, it really does wonders!

I hope these tips and tricks help at all! And I also hope that I’m not too delirious to make sense! Please leave some of your tips and tricks below! I hope you guys all have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚




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