Friday Five | April Favorites

Hey everyone! Sorry I took (another) momentary leave, but exciting news! I finally got the new apartment.  Yes, I’ll definitely be posting more about this once I get it all decorated, along with some design posts and whatnot. But until then, I’ll be keeping back up with my Reviews, Favorites, etc. Now let’s get into this!





1. Looking For Alaska – John Green

There’s nothing cozier than staying in with a nice heated blanket, cup of tea, reading a book, but I rarely have the time to look for a good book, let alone read. I always look for a good recommendation, so I thought you all might enjoy that as well? Within my “Monthly Favorites” I plan to start including a book I’ve been reading during this month that I’ve been loving. I’ve been a little behind the times and just got around to reading Looking for Alaska by John Green and yes, it is worth the hype. Every chance I had downtime, I was getting at this book. Yes, it is a John Green book so it does more follow the life of high schoolers, but it certainly doesn’t mean it’s a book just for people of that age to read. If you have the opportunity, definitely give this book a chance. It is very well written, with adequate places to pause if you don’t have much time to read (like me), and a very gripping storyline that is not cliché or involves over used dramatics, as is typical with a lot of high school type novels. It follows Miles aka Pudge as he transfers to a new boarding school on his search for a “Great Perhaps” and many twists and turns follow him as he discovers new friends, and Alaska Young. I’m really bad at giving good storyline descriptions with fear of giving anything away, so I’ll leave this link here for a more thorough description. Well done, John Green, as always!



2. Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray – OGX

You may recognize this product from my mini Ulta Haul , and it was definitely one of the keepers. As I mentioned when purchasing this, I had been on the lookout for a good cruelty-free hairspray and I think I finally found it! Not only does this product smell great, it works great. It doesn’t leave your hair greasy or crunchy, and it’s really workable. After I spray it on, I still can brush it through my hair and there is no static or weird textures, only volume. It gives extreme body and shine to hair while still locking it in place, leaving barely any frizz or fly-aways. Definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a good hair spray alternative, especially given that it’s under $10.


3. Rehab Shampoo – Lush

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but in the last few years I’ve noticed a drastic change in my hair. It’s become a bit thin (nothing too much though, but definitely noticeable) and damaged. I’ve tried many different types of shampoos and conditioners with the hopes to restore my hair and found many hits, however, they keep discontinuing those shampoos or I end up being allergic to them (go figure). This product has been a blessing. It smells great (made with peppermint, so very refreshing), and it really does it’s job. I bought this towards the end of March, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference. My hair has been a lot fuller, and I’ve noticed I haven’t been losing quite as much in the shower or brush. If your feeling like your hair has been lacking lately, definitely give this one a try!


4. Boudoir Eyes – Too Faced

Another product from my recent Ulta Haul that was a huge hit was this eye shadow palette from Too Faced. Ever since purchase, this is the main palette that I have been reaching for, even for every day looks. As shown, it includes a variety of beautiful neutral tones, some matte and some shimmer. The pigments transfer very nicely to your eyelids, with hardly any flakiness or random powder residue falling off. Also, paired with a nice eyeshadow primer, the lasting power is phenomenal. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’ve slept with this eyeshadow on and left the house the next day without any touch ups and it still looked like I tried in the morning. Another fun thing is that it comes with a little how-to guide if your a little new to palettes and blending. It’s a nice addition, however, I don’t really follow it as all of the colors blend nicely together in any fashion. The shades also have fun, and like most makeup products, interestingly sexual names. My most reached for shades are In the Buff for under my brow, Fuzzy Handcuffs for a base shade for my lid, Satin Sheets for my inner lid corner (great description, I know haha), Lap Dance for the rest of my lid, and Voulez-Vous for my eyelid crease and outer edge. If you are looking for a new nude palette, I suggest giving this one a go.



5. Watermelon Water

I do realize that this sounds like a one of those new fads, but trust me, it’s amazing. It’s extremely refreshing and brings back sweet summer memories. It’s super hydrating, loaded with electrolytes, high in potassium, and high in Vitamin C. Watermelon Water is like coconut water but with a much better taste. (Yes, I am a huge fan of coconut water, but I tend to have to take it like a shot to get past that weird after taste). I love mixing it in with smoothies and it really does add a nice refreshing feeling to them, even only putting in a few tablespoons will do. I think I paid just a little over $1 for 12oz, so I’ll only get it as a treat or as a mix in for smoothies vs. a replacement drink for water. If they have it on sale at your grocer, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed! (Unless you don’t like watermelon…then don’t give it a try…haha)


What products have you been loving this month? Please let me know below!


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