Product Review | Too Faced ‘Pretty Girl’s Secrets’ Sampler

Hello everyone! As always, I hope your weekend went well! Here’s another continuation of reviews from my recent “haul”. Now let’s get into this…

Too Faced Pretty Girl’s Secrets Sampler


Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Some Amazing Things

  • This product really works wonders to smooth out your complexion and pore minimization.
  • It sinks into your skin quickly, making it a lot easier to put makeup on directly after.
  • I do notice that it allows my makeup to stay on my face for a longer period of time, as well as making it easier to apply my makeup (ie, little to no dust residue from powders left on my face).


  • It’s a bit watery for my taste. One of my favorite things about my Pixi primer is the consistency; it’s thicker, almost like a smooth clay feeling. I’m not much for liquid primers, but that’s completely just personal preference.
  • It’s has a pretty extreme coconut smell. I like the smell of coconut a bit, but this is a bit overpowering; almost like wearing sunscreen.


I would most likely not purchase this product for myself just based on the consistency. I would, however, recommend this product if you do like more liquid-based primers and can get past the coconut smell.

Love Flush Long-Lasting 16 Hour Blush – Love Hangover

Some Amazing Things

  • A little goes a long way. Given that it’s a sampler, they only give you 0.07 oz (2 g). I’ve been using it ever since purchase and you can barely tell I’ve even touched it.
  • It is extremely pigmented. I love the color of this blush, and the pigmentation of it transfers to skin quite nicely.
  • It goes on your skin smooth, much unlike the porous nature of the it Cosmetics blush I have been using.
  • It blends in easily, yet still doesn’t fade away. What I mean by this is that with blushes I’ve noticed that sometimes when you go to blend it in to smooth out edges, the color tends to fade. I haven’t noticed this at all with this blush.


  • On its own, as in without a setting spray, it does not last the “16 hours” that it advertises. However, I almost always use a setting spray so I’m not really concerned with this.


I would most likely repurchase this product, although I might try out a couple different shades. I would also definitely recommend this product to anyone!

Better Than Sex Mascara

Some Amazing Things

  • It’s extreme. It definitely makes your lashes big and bold, without even curling them. When I don’t feel like putting in effort towards my makeup, I know I can just whack this on and it opens up my eyes like I actually tried.
  • It only takes a swipe on each eye and you are golden. Most mascaras, I notice that I have to brush it over my lashes so many times to get the desired effect. It’s almost effortless with how easy it is to apply this mascara (now I know why everyone has been raving about it.)
  • It dries fairly quickly (at least compared to other “big and bold” mascaras).


  • Even though it dries quickly, I 100% recommend using setting spray BEFORE applying this mascara on. Whenever I spray after, it runs and gets everywhere. This leads me to believe it’s not extremely waterproof, although I haven’t exactly gone swimming or showered with it on.


Whether or not I decide to purchase this product will be based mostly on the price of the product. I do love this product, but I know of some good cheaper mascaras that will do a similar trick. This purchase would mainly be just a “treat myself” purchase, unless I can get a good sale out of it. I do recommend this product if you like big and bold lashes; if you are going for a more natural look, I would not recommend this product.

I’m really glad that I got this sampler pack, as I have been wanting to try out these products. I’d much rather test out a product for free before making the big purchase, since I know these products can run a bit pricier than your run-of-the-mill drugstore purchases. What products have you been loving? Are you a fan of Too Faced? I think I’m definitely seeing the appeal! Hope the rest of your week goes well!



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