Friday Five | March Favorites

Hey everyone, I hope your week has been going well! I’m bringing back my monthly favorites! Now let’s get into this!

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1. Faux Leather Jacket – Kohl’s

For the longest time, I’ve been on the search for a fake leather jacket to call my own, and over this winter I’ve definitely found it. Originally around $50, I got this jacket for $20 during Kohl’s black Friday deals and have been in love ever since. I’ve owned a crop faux leather jacket for awhile, but it didn’t quite fit me and it also smelled weird. This one, however, didn’t have that weird “fake leather smell”. It also fits amazing; it covers my stomach for the cold, windy days, but isn’t bulky and does give for body shapes (aka makes your boobs still look like boobs instead of a weird jacket bulk mess). My favorite part: the hood. I love the look of a “leather” jacket over a hoodie, but I always felt the layering to be too tight and too hot. This removable cloth hood gives that look without any of the crazy layering problems. It also has sizable pockets that fit even my cellphone and keys, perfect for nights out when you don’t want to carry a purse. It also pairs well with my winter boots that I’m still obsessed with since October. I would include the brand name, however, with so much wear it has since faded. Sorry!

20160401_130636 (2)

2. Beauty Blender

Alright, I gave in to the beauty blender craze. I admit it! I’m honestly one of those people that when something is insanely over-popular, I purposefully do not like or try it, regardless if it is actually worth the hype. (This explains perfectly why I hate pumpkin spice lattes.) So, likewise, with the beauty blender I also hyper-avoided trying it. Then, for Christmas my mom bought me a few different kinds after catching wind of this new beauty craze. So I figured I might as well give it a go. And man, did I get hooked. I used disposable sponges for things like my primer and concealer, and often I’d feel bad because disposable items are pretty bad for the environment. But this beauty sponge solves that problem! It’s reusable (although I haven’t found a good way to wash it yet, please leave suggestions below if you have any!) Out of the different shapes and styles I’ve tried, I definitely like the tear drop shape the best. I still use brushes for my foundation and powders, but this works well for blending concealer as well as spreading my primer more efficiently. I definitely recommend trying one out, because it is well worth the hype!

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3. Daily Brush Cleaner – e.l.f.

I have another confession; I used to be really bad at cleaning my brushes. So bad, in fact, that when they needed to be cleaned I would just throw them out and purchase new ones. Gross, I know, but I also know I’m not the only one out there. And after seeing blogger after vlogger talk about the importance of cleaning your brushes, I knew there had to be an easier way then taking time out your day and sitting with a bowl of water and cleaner and scrubbing each out. So I went on a search (as well as my mom, whose making quite the shout out in this post), and we found this cleaner. It’s insanely easy, and even though it’s a Daily Cleaner, I probably use it only a couple times a week. Still better than never, though! All you do is spray a couple times over your brush, then brush on a cloth, tissue, etc, and watch all of the makeup brush right off. It dries pretty quickly and it smells amazing and fresh. The smell actually stays in your brush for a few days! Definitely recommend trying this product out, and it was a steal for only around $5!

20160401_130657 (2)

4. Beautiful Shower Gel – Lush

We all know my obsession with Lush, the company as well as the products. This shower gel is no different. It has a really refreshing smell, a nice combination of fresh and sweet. (I know, I’m really bad at describing smells). It also makes your skin insanely smooth and soft. It does have some glitter in it, but I’ve found that it doesn’t mix well at all and most of the glitter stays in the bottom. I’m completely OK with this, though, because I’m not much of a fan of glitter, especially in my daily type of products. If you are looking for a good shower gel, I definitely recommend this one!

20160401_140621 (2)

5. 1 Inch Double Ceramic Curling Iron – Conair

This curling iron purchase was LONG overdue. About 4 years ago, my roommate busted my curling iron. It was just the top piece, so it didn’t really matter much and I continued to use it (even though occasionally my hair would get caught on it and it was extremely outdated). Fast forward to this past holiday season (yup, most of these favorites are Christmas gifts haha), my mom discovered how poorly my curling iron was and bought me a new one as a gift. And this one is amazing! I never knew what I was missing out on with my old one until I got a new one. My old curling iron took at minimum 10 min to fully heat up, and this one is almost instant. It also has a turn style setting system, going up to 30 (my old one only had two settings), which is nice because sometimes I like to do little curls, more wavy curls, or bigger curls. The turn knob only gets annoying because sometimes I accidentally turn it without noticing and it’s down at zero and I wonder why it’s not working. Another plus: it makes my hair shiny. On the packaging, it did advertise that it had something in it (I’ve since thrown out the packaging so I can’t quite recall what the technology was), to make your hair shine and I thought it’d be utter bullshit. But sure enough, it gives my hair a nice, clean, shine and really de-frizzes my hair. I absolutely love this curling iron, and I really hope this one never breaks!

What have been some of your favorite products this March? Please leave some below! I’m always interested in new products to try out 🙂



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