Current Obsession | AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer

Hello everyone! After my recent Ulta spluge, I have already fallen in love with some of these products. I can wholeheartedly say that I am obsessed with this product, and I’m really glad that I wasn’t able to get what I actually intended to purchase. Let’s get into this…

AHAVA Essential Day Moisturizer

20160328_173751 (2)

Why I’m Obsessed

Let’s first talk about the packaging. I have never thoroughly enjoyed the packaging on a product as I do with this one. The container is so smooth and easy to twist open/close, that it makes it feel like a luxurious item from a spa. I’m not really sure how else to describe it.

It smells wonderful. It’s a very clean and fresh scent, yet not overpowering, which is nice since it is an item for your face.

The product itself is a great texture. I’m not a fan of liquid or watery moisturizers. This is more of a thick cream (so thick that if you the jar upside-down and open, it won’t come out). Now, when I say thick cream, you might fear that it’ll be pore-clogging and gross. It’s actually quite the contrary; once you apply it to your skin, it all melts away.

It’s true to the little slogan on the package “Time to hydrate”; it’s extremely hydrating. It felt like the first sip of water after days lying in a desert. It felt like my skin had never been truly moisturized. It felt, again, luxurious.

It’s extremely smooth. It smooths right into my skin, leaving no oils, shine, or goops of weirdness. And the effects on my skin are immediate, making my skin feel a hundred times softer. 10/10


I smooth this product over my face, neck, and upper chest after cleansing and toning. It sinks in immediately, so there is no wait time necessary before applying primer or makeup.

As you can safely assume, I fully recommend this product. I would like to add, though, that you should purchase this in-store. I always recommend  with skincare products (especially for face) to use a tester and try out a small amount on your wrist while you walk around the store to see if you’ll get a reaction. From what I could tell, this is a sensitive skin-safe product, but at a little about $20 for 1.7 oz, it would be annoying to spend that much money on a product to have it break your skin out. (I will definitely say that if it works with your skin type, it is well worth the price as a little goes an extremely long way).

What other skincare items have you been loving lately? Please leave it below!


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