Time to Splurge | Ulta 03/23/16

Hey everyone! I hope everyone’s week is going well. Yup, I’m posting on a Wednesday. Welcome to my blog where the days don’t matter! I’ve been having a really bad case of writer’s block. I have so many different things I want to talk about, but at the same time I don’t have the material and I don’t want to just throw out product review after product review. Life update: I got a new job and I hope to move in the next couple months. With the move, I have a lot of design ideas for my new apartment so get ready for some DIY and design posts coming up in a couple months. For now, I thought I’d try something new. One of my favorite types of blogs and vlogs are hauls. Today I went crazy at Ulta with deals and what not, so I figured I’d try to justify my purchases by writing about them. Because that’s how it works, right? Let’s get into this…

20160323_161844 (2)


20160323_161919 (2)

1. Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray by OGX  – Ever since I found out that my beloved Tresamme Heat Spray might be tested on animals, I’ve been on the look out for a heat spray. It definitely doesn’t smell as wonderful as my old heat spray (it’s extremely coconuty), but I figured it’s worth a shot (especially at less than $10). I haven’t found any other heat sprays that are for sure cruelty free, so please leave some suggestions below (as we know keratin isn’t necessarily vegan. Bahh I can never win 😦 ). I’ll definitely let you all know how it goes.

2. Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray by OGX – I’ve also been on the lookout for a good hairspray. I’ve tried a couple out, but they’ve either smell like the shittiest vodka you can find or they make your hair extremely crispy. This one smells pretty good, so I’m hoping it actually works too. On the plus side, I got it pretty cheap, Buy one get one 50% off with the other OGX buy. (Yay for Ulta deals. And no, this is NOT sponsored by Ulta haha)

20160323_162001 (2)

3. Essential Day Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin by Ahava – This was actually a very spontaneous buy. Originally I meant to repurchase my Body Shop Moisturizer, however they did not carry that product (and I was going to get a free tote with it too!). So instead I decided to try out Ahava. I have never heard of them before, and after some mild research I saw they were cruelty free. I tried some on my skin and it felt lovely. I’m very excited to try this product on my skin. The only downer is that it doesn’t contain SPF, which is fine since most of my other products have SPF of some sort. I’ll definitely update you guys in a later post on this one too. (Yes, be prepared for my next like five posts to be product reviews).

4. Sea Getaway Minis by Ahava – This lovely little travel sized gift set came free with the moisturizer I bought (Now you know truly why I reached for Ahava). It came with an Extreme Day Cream, Purifying Mud Mask, Mineral Hand Cream, and Extreme Firming Eye Cream. I’m definitely looking forward to treating myself to an at home spa day (maybe my first day in the new apartment?)

20160323_162126 (2)

5. Boudoir Eyes by Too Faced – I’ve been looking for a new eye shadow palette (although I’m currently loving one I got from ELF), and once I saw these beautiful nudes, I had to grab it. I’ve heard amazing things about Too Faced eye shadows and I’m really excited to try these out.

6. Pretty Girl’s Secrets by Too Faced – Yes, another fun free sample pack that came with the eye shadow palette. Included was a Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Better Than Sex Mascara (which I’ve heard amazing things about), and Love Flush Long-Lasting 16 Hour Blush. Even though these are pretty small samples, I’m still pretty excited to giving them all a try.

20160323_162205 (2)

7. Organic Wear Mascara by Physician’s Formula I’ve used this product before, and this was purely because I ran out. A purchase I actually needed, imagine that!

8. Concealer Twins by Physician’s Formula – Yes, another replenishing purchase, as I’ve talked about this product before. The best part, Physicians’ Formula was buy one get one 50% off, so there was that.

2015-09-15 18.08.51

9. CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream by it Cometics – Of course I needed to repurchase this amazing product. I still 100% stand by it. Great product. Definitely suggest picking one up and giving it a try.


I hope you enjoyed my little haul post. What products have you been splurging on? Also, please let me know any heat spray suggestions below! (I’m working on the title of this segment, so it’ll probably change? I’ve just been thinking on it for an hour straight and writer’s block won’t let me get any more creative title than that. Sorry?)



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