Friday Five | Preparing for the Winter

I took a few weeks off for holidays and whatnot, but I’m back! Two notes: Don’t worry, I won’t be exclusively doing Friday Fives, I’ll be having product reviews and what not back soon. Also, I did skip December favorites, but that’s primarily because in saving for Christmas gifts, I did not really try out any new products or anything. It’d be extremely similar to November favorites. Now let’s get into this.

Now that winter is finally showing its face and we are getting normal winter temperatures (at least where I live in Michigan), here comes the dry skin, sickness, and freezing bodies. So I’ve put together a little “winter care package”. Hopefully even some of these products help keep you feeling great this winter season 🙂

20160108_110514 (2)


20160108_110526 (2)

1. Face Care

Burt’s Bees Ultra Moisturizing Lip Treatment with Kokum Butter – I know I’ve talked about this product before, but I still stand by this product. They do now carry it in a typical chapstick form, however I keep it in my car and honestly I’m too lazy to go grab it right now. I swear up and down by this product, have bought it for friends and family, and it’s the best thing especially for how harsh winter can be on your lips. 10/10

The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream – I have done a lot of experimenting with night creams (something that I think I’ll write a more in-depth post about in the future. If I remember, I’ll link it here) and finally I’m glad to announce I think I found a great one. I apply it over night after I take off my makeup and man does my skin love to soak this up. My face has been quite dry lately and this really does help. It doesn’t smell weird (which apparently most night creams do), leaves your skin nice and soft, and a little does go a long way. The only downside: it’s pretty expensive, especially given that you only get 1.67 oz. I think I paid only slightly less than $30, so really be sure you want this product before purchasing.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer – I have talked more extensively about this product in my October Favorites, but this moisturizer is so intensive, I recommend it for anyone’s winter care package.

20160108_110538 (2)

2. Basic Skincare

Pacifica Super Hydrating Hand Cream – Ever since I purchased this hand cream, I have been in love with it. They have at least 5 different scents that all smell wonderful (I have it in Tunisian Jasmine Lime), it doesn’t leave your hands shiny, and it leaves your hands soft and smooth. They come in small tubes (2.25 oz), which are perfect for travel, car, or handbag. Also, from personal experience, my hands love to randomly break out with different skin care products (I’ve tried to find the source, but there hasn’t really been any rhyme or reason), and I haven’t had any trouble with this product at all. 10/10 would recommend.

Shea Moisture Replenish and Rejuvenate Body Lotion – I absolutely love Shea Moisture products (whether or not I post a lot about them on here), and I’ve really been needing a new body lotion. Now that winter is in full bloom, my skin has been increasingly dry, especially when I get out of the shower. This product seems to lock in any moisture right when you get out of the shower and I’ve found it to last pretty much all day. It also smells really nice and fresh. Plus, 10% of sales go to the Community Commerce Initiative, which you can read more about here. The only downside is that I find it extremely hard to get out of the body. A combination of being nice, thick lotion and a squeeze bottle that doesn’t actually squeeze is a bit frustrating. I hope they come out with a pump bottle for this, but until then I just store it upside down and hope for the best.


20160108_110546 (2)

3. Ghirardelli Premium  Hot Cocoa

Especially in the winter, I love hot chocolate to keep me warm when it’s a bit too late for coffee, however, it is really hard to find vegan hot cocoa. Then I found this lovely, yummy chocolate and caramel hot cocoa. I usually heat it up with almond or cashew milk, but if you don’t have those hot water works perfectly well. A great way to warm up this winter!


20160108_110551 (2)

4. Emergen-C

Yes, I really am putting Emergen-C in my blog. I work in a customer service position, so I’m constantly dealing with sick people and touching money, and I need to make sure my immune system can handle it. I swear by Emergen-C. If I think I might be getting sick, I’ll pour this into a cup of orange juice and chug it down, significantly feel better, and don’t end up catching that cold creeping up on me. My only suggestion: do NOT put this in a smoothie. I thought I’d make myself a sickness cocktail, but forgot that this fizzes up. With the carbonation, when I put it in my blender it exploded everywhere when I opened the blender back up. Other than that, I recommend this to anyone feeling even slightly under the weather.


20160108_110607 (2)

5. Heated Blanket

This is probably one of my favorite Christmas gifts. My room has a decent sized window, so it gets really cold during the night and I am so thankful for this blanket. I was fearful before about them catching on fire and things (I know I know, not really realistic), but this one turns off after 3 hours, so I don’t have to worry if I fall asleep with it on. The wires in it aren’t invasive at all, either. I’m positively obsessed with this one. 10/10 would recommend.

What are some of your winter favorites? Please comment and let me know!


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