Friday Five | Last Minute Christmas Gifts

With Christmas quickly approaching, now comes the frantic rush of last minute gifts. Whether you are on top of your game with gifts purchased months ago and a binder full of organization, or a more busy person realizing that yes, it is already December and oh my gosh Christmas is almost a week away; you will always have those few people that you still have no idea what to buy. Giving gifts, whether at Christmas or birthdays or housewarming, is one of my favorite things to do, so I figured I’d try to make a short list that might be helpful in these last minute situations. (If you don’t celebrate Christmas, these can work for any type of gift giving situation.)

1. Mother

Moms can be quite hard to buy gifts for, because you can only give them so much spa-type presents. My favorite thing to do, especially now that I’m in my 20’s and no longer a child, is to give my mom hand-made gifts. Most mom’s love hand made gifts, and if you look throughout the Christmas decorations, you might notice that their most cherished are often those handmade candles or ornaments you made in grade-school. This works especially well when you are terrible at arts and crafts, like me. It reminds them of when you were a kid, and yet it’s silly enough that they will have a little laugh when they open it up.

2. Father

On the other hand, dads are also hard to gift because typically if they want something, they will just buy it. That’s when I got the idea of giving an event. Something as simple as buying dinner and a movie to a sporting event to any activity that you used to do together when you were younger, can go a long way. And if it’s something you can’t buy a ticket for, just make out a “certificate” to one day spent together and put a little itinerary for what you all will  be doing. This also works well for grandpas, in my experience.

3. Significant Other

No matter how long you’ve been together, Christmas time (or other gift-giving time) can be tough with significant others. If you happened to have started dating very soon before Christmas, it can be really awkward and hard to get a gift. What do they like? What would be going overboard? What will make them think I’m too invested or not invested enough? Should I even get them a gift? It can be quite overwhelming. Two things I have done in the past to combat these questions if you truly aren’t sure is: A. If you have mutual friends, do some spy work and ask a friend if they are getting you anything (don’t ask what it is, you don’t want to spoil it), and if they are getting you something, tell the friend what you plan on getting and ask if it measures up. B. If you don’t have mutual friends, get a couple things if you aren’t sure, then next time you see the significant other, don’t bring the gift. That way, if they did get you something, you can just say “Oh I knew I forgot something!”, run home, get the gift that best matches what they got you, and bring it to the person.

Now sneakiness aside, if you aren’t sure what to get your significant other, events are always a good idea. If you been dating a long time and have the money, a trip for two is always a nice idea. Everyone needs a vacation once in awhile and this way you can tailor the location to what your significant other really likes. If you haven’t been dating awhile, or trips are a bit out of your price budget, something simple like a show they’ve wanted to see, or even just a massage or a nice romantic night in would be great. I always think memories are better than material things, especially with relationships.

4. Best Friend

If you are unsure of what to get your best friend for Christmas and your inside jokes don’t translate into presents, it can be quite frustrating. Here’s a person you’ve known what feels like forever, and yet you don’t know what to get them. If you are of age and you and your friend like to drink, alcohol is always a good choice with maybe some glassware to go with it. If you aren’t about drinking or aren’t old enough, care packages of things you know they like and if they get multiple of they won’t mind are always nice. You never know what their family might get them, but who can pass up multiple pairs of slippers, robes, blankets, chocolate, bath bombs, candles, etc. But remember, this is your best friend. Sometimes the smallest thing can be the greatest and ultimately, you know what to get them.

5. The one person you feel obligated to gift to, however still know nothing about

There’s always that one person coming to your holiday party that you know you have to gift, but you really know nothing more than their name and relation to you. Be it significant other’s parents, coworkers, neighbors, friends of friends, etc. I suggest going with vague, not over the top or expensive gifts. I would stay away from candles or lotions (which I used to do in the past), because you never know what smells people like or what they could be allergic to. Ornaments or small Christmas decorations work great for these. They are small enough to package up, can be vague enough if you don’t know their style, and yet still be nice to receive. Also good options: gloves, mittens, scarves, warm things. If you live in a place that experiences cold winters like I do, everyone always needs more warmth.

I hope this helps you in your gift giving adventures. Have any other suggestions? Please leave it below!


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