Friday Five | November Favorites

I know this is going up a bit late, but here it is! My top five products and items I’ve been using and loving all of November.

20151211_105210 (2)


20151211_105221 (2)

1. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub – Hawaiian Kukui

I absolutely love this sugar scrub. I’ve tried different scrubs in the past, but this one smells amazing. I bought it just for a bath product, but I’ve quickly switched to using it in the shower about once or so a week. The results are phenomenal. My skin has been much softer, even in these dry months. A little also goes a really long way. I’ve been using this for the majority of the month, and it still doesn’t look like I’ve made a dent in this product. (It also cost me under $10, so that’s an added bonus). If you are looking for a nice sugar scrub, or even giving someone an at home spa gift pack as a present for the holidays, I recommend throwing this in.

20151211_105228 (2)

2. The Body Shop – Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub

Another thing I’ve been obsessed with this month is my clear face. Along with my Pixi Glow Tonic and my Body Shop Moisturizer, I’ve added this face scrub to my morning routine and have really seen a difference. In the past, I’ve experimented with harsh scrubs and sensitive foaming cleansers, but this product is really a happy marriage of the two. It has a very light exfoliate in it, so it’s not too harsh on my skin but I still feel like it’s unclogging my pores. It also foams up, so it’s not too drying either. Combined with the fact that it uses Fair Trade organic tea tree oil, I really feel like this product is making a difference on my face. I start off the morning with this face wash, following it up with my Glow Tonic and then my moisturizer. A little goes a long way with this product, too, and I think I only paid around $10 as well for this one. The only downside, to me, is that it does smell a little odd. But since I follow it up with my lovely smelling moisturizer, I don’t mind it.

20151211_105238 (2)

3. Headband

OK, so this is probably one of the most “out there” things I’ve posted about, but honestly I’m so glad I purchased this. I got it from Ulta’s hair section for maybe $3. I know I’m probably late on this train, but I used to try to pin my hair back with bobby pins while I washed my face and did my makeup, and would always fail and get everything in my hair. But now that I have this, it makes my life so much easier and I feel like and idiot for not thinking of this before. All I can say is, no more foundation hair!

20151211_105250 (2)

4. Physician’s Formula – Organic Wear Mascara

First of all, I’d like to note that I took these pictures a bit before typing this up, am no where near this product currently, and realize I’m an amateur and didn’t show what the great brush looks like. Sorry, you’ll just have to take my word for it! Anyway, I’ve been working a lot lately (if you couldn’t tell from my lack of posts), so I’ve been really rocking the no-time-for-makeup look. In that effect, I’ve tried to try a little harder, aka literally just doing my eyebrows and wearing mascara, this mascara to be exact. I’ve loved my Urban Decay mascara I mentioned in my last favorites, but it’s really too bold when you’re not wearing anything else. This mascara is nice and simple, and great for a more fresh-faced look.  The brush is really nice and it doesn’t stick my eyelashes together, nor make them outrageously long. I won’t reach for it when I’m going out for the night, but it is nice for a simplistic look. Also, it lasts surprisingly long for one that’s not waterproof.

20151211_105257 (2)

5. Giovanni – LA Hold Hair Spritz Maximum Hold

Forever I’ve been looking for a great hair spray that doesn’t test on animals. And really, this isn’t a hair spray, but for what it does, it works great. It’s more of a shine spray, but it does seem to hold my hair in place. Since I have more wavy to curly hair that doesn’t like to listen to me, I will generally curl it just to give it some semblance of a shape. Then I’ll spray it lightly with this all over and comb it through with my fingertips. The result: actual hold, no frizzies, and it does give it a bit of shine without the greasiness. Another highlight: it’s not aerosol, so you don’t have to worry about it exploding in your back seat of your car when you forget about your overnight bag during winter for five days…

What are your favorite products from November?  Please let me know!


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