Friday Five | October Favorites

One of my favorite types of blog posts or YouTube videos are monthly favorites, so I figured why not try it out myself. Usually “favorites” can get a bit lengthy or overwhelming, so I decided to just do the top five things I’ve been using all during the month of October.

2015-11-06 11.29.44 (2)
2015-11-06 11.30.13 (2)
1. Faux Suede Boots by Fioni

I’m absolutely obsessed with these boots. At the beginning of October when it started to get a bit chilly here in Michigan, I knew I needed something between flats and winter boots, something that would keep my feet warm, but still look cute. Don’t let the heel concern you, these are actually quite comfy and easy to walk in. I love the decorative button on the side and the stretchy bits on either side, which are great if you want to wear thicker boot socks. The only downside: can’t drive in them. But driving shoeless is always fun.

2015-11-06 11.30.44 (2)

2. Milani 51 Blushing Beauty

I was never really big into lipsticks, the thought of leaving lipstick all over my glasses, teeth, food, people I kiss, was a weird thing. But recently I decided to try it out, especially since I got a few 75% off and they were maybe a dollar at the most. I was impressed with Milani lipsticks in the past (a post I am thinking about making in the future), so I grabbed this one. Still impressed, and I am now obsessed with the color. I feel like my skin tone isn’t great with bright reds, and whether or not you can tell in the picture, this one is a great mixture of pink and red. It lasts fairly well, although not as well as previous Milani lipsticks, however the color makes up for that. I tried to find the same color in slightly higher end brands (Urban Decay, Tarte, Two-Faced, etc), but can never find any exactly the same color. So, until then, this is definitely my  most used lipstick.

2015-11-06 11.31.06 (2)3. Urban Decay Mascara, Perversion

So when I signed up for Ulta rewards, they put in my birthday wrong and I got a free sample of this for my “birthday” back in August and didn’t really start trying it out until October. I love this mascara. It’s perfect for a night out, makes your lashes thicker and bigger, without creating that weird spider-web effect. It also lasts all day, no smudges. Since it was a free sample, I don’t know much about whether it’s waterproof or not, but I’ve been out many a rainy Michigan October night, and it never ran. The only downside; it takes a bit to dry. It’s pretty easy to wipe off of your top lid though, so that’s nice, but I wish it dried faster. Other than that, thoroughly impressed and when this free sample is out, I’ll more than likely buy the real thing.

2015-10-21 18.50.10

4. The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer

I already wrote an in-depth post about this product recently, but I knew I needed to throw this product in here. Ever since I got this product, I’ve been wearing it everyday. I truly love this moisturizer, and I recommend trying it out if you can.

2015-09-15 18.08.51

5. It Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

I already mentioned this as well in a previous post, however, this is another product I’ve been constantly reaching for all of October and most likely will continue doing so. Also another product I highly recommend purchasing if you are in need of a really good, full coverage, liquid foundation.

What products and items have you been obsessed with this October? Please let me know below!


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