Current Obsession: NYX Roll-On Shimmer

Good morning!

Since I often work extremely early in the morning (sometimes as early as 530 am), I often look for easy ways to get looking decent quick. Or at least more awake. Quite awhile ago I got a free item with some purchases at the drugstore from NYX’s line, and I completely forgot about it until maybe a month ago when I was cleaning out my bathroom. Then I bought two more because I loved it so much.

NYX Roll-On Shimmer

2015-09-23 09.48.37

2015-09-23 09.49.27

Why I’m Obsessed:

It’s insanely easy! Just roll on and go.

It blends really well, even with other eye shadows if you want to tone it down a little bit.

The colors are so lovely. The three I got were 15 Nude (the lightest brown shade), 04 Onyx (the black shade), and 11 Almond (the darker brown shade, and by far my favorite).

The glitter in them helps you to appear more awake and fresh-faced, which is great for those early mornings.

They last all day. It took some intense scrubbing to get these off of my hand for the pigmentation swatches.

How I Wear It:

Because they are so glittery, I usually blow off any excess glitter before applying. Then I just do one swipe across each lid (more than enough for the intense pigmentation) of the light shade. Then I either swipe over it with a couple of my other eye shadows and use it just as a base color, or I’ll go over it with a small but fluffy angled brush. When I use the darker shades, I will apply it to the outer corner of my eyes once then take that same brush and sweep it over the crease and blend a bit up. This works especially well for the 11 Almond, as I feel like it collects really beautifully in the crease and blends upward really nicely. After that, sometimes I’ll go over the crease with a dark matte shade just for more definition, then it’s done! Extremely simple and quite lovely to use.

What are some of your on the go secret products? I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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