Product Review: it Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Cream…etc

It’s a new season with new aspirations. Let’s get back into this.

I’m constantly looking for new foundation. Whether it’s the switch from liquid to powder, back to liquid, and then not really being impressed by anything, it’s been a long battle and a long time coming. But as of right now, I think I have found it: the holy grail foundation (for me, at least). It’s a long name, really, I’m not sure what part of it is name and what part of it is label on the package, so get ready for it…

it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum (with SPF 50+).

2015-09-15 18.08.51

Some amazing things:

It’s great for your skin! It has SPF 50 (we all know how obsessed I am with SPF in skin care and makeup items), which is more than enough needed to keep your skin out of the way from harmful rays. It also is paraben and chemical-filter free and has active anti-aging ingredients. Now, I’m not so sure about the anti-aging parts as I’m still 25 years young, however, I do notice that it does more than enough to hydrate my skin.

I use the Light shade, which seems perfect for my skin. I’m always terrible at finding what shades work best for me, so I decided to get some help from the great people at Ulta, and not only did they find the perfect shade for me, this foundation seems to conform to my skin tone. This may seem crazy, and I’m not sure of the science behind it, but when my skin got a little tanner, and then a little lighter through the season changing, it still remained to match my skin.

It makes your skin look dewy, not greasy. The hydration is real and your skin doesn’t look drenched. It’s amazing.

It’s a squeeze tube with a pump. Two of the best kind of packages together for a liquid product. Paired with a twist cap, you’ll always be able to get the last drop, easily, without excess, and without it getting everywhere in your makeup bag.

It makes your skin amazingly soft. (Ok, I’ll stop saying the word amazing. I promise.)


It takes quite awhile to set. I’m constantly on the move, so I’m always trying to cut down on my “get ready for the day” time. If you don’t wait to let it sit and immediately put your bronzer or any other powder makeup on over it, it looks a bit dirty and goopy. I have yet to try it with any setting spray, so that might  be a way to help this. But, sometimes the pros outweigh the cons and I’m going to have to learn how to be more patient.

All in all, I’ll definitely recommend this product to anyone out there looking for a good liquid foundation. It was a bit more pricey than what I’m used to in my drugstore purchases (around $30, I think), but it has lasted a lot longer and you really do pay for a higher quality product.

What are some of your favorite liquid foundation purchases? What kind of setting sprays do you recommend? (Remember, all products not tested on animals!)


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