Product Review: Physician’s Formula Touch of Glow Foundation

Hello everyone!

During the past few months while I’ve been a bit MIA, I decided to try out liquid foundations. In the past I’ve been strongly for pressed powder foundations (see here), but I’ve heard great things about liquid so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve loved the Physician’s Formula pressed powder, so I went ahead and just grabbed their liquid foundation. This was their Touch of Glow Foundation Nude Wear in Light/Medium.

Now the first thing I noticed while I was in the store (besides the cute packaging), was that there was no real way to tell the actual color of the foundation. There wasn’t a tester to try to match to your skin, you couldn’t even see the color through the bottle. When I picked it out, I figured light/medium would be reasonable because I’m not fair, but pre-summer season I’m not exactly tan either. When I got home, to my disappointment, it ended up being a bit darker than I had hoped. (However, I did manage to mend this problem by applying it to my neck as well as my face and blend around my collar, but that always takes more time and product.) Also, I came across some application problems as well. Initially, I was excited to see that it came with a brush (no need to go out and purchase a brand new one), but the brush was not was I was hoping for. First of all, the directions state that you should put the product directly onto the brush, which I definitely do not recommend. If you follow through with these directions, it ends up going on your skin uneven and in globs. Instead, I pump some onto my wrist and spread it evenly on my skin in little amounts at a time. Also, and this is just my opinion, I don’t like the smaller brush handle. It makes travel easier, but my makeup travel kit is large enough for longer handle brushes, which I find make application much easier. I found the brush itself was a bit too thick and stiff for a liquid foundation. To make this apply better, I usually just use the small brush to apply, and then a better powder brush to blend in and it seems to work a long way. The foundation itself, even if the tint is off for my face, is not too bad. It blends in nice enough, doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily, and gives my face a more-even tone. My last thoughts on this product is that there’s nothing really extraordinary about it. It’s not vastly inexpensive, the hook that got me in was the brush that didn’t really work out well, and it just works averagely. It’s not a terrible product, it just fell a little flat for me, especially given my high expectations with Physician’s Formula products. I am still continuing to use this product, for now, until I can find a better one.

What cruelty free foundation brands do you use? Please leave your comments below!


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