Friday Five: Sleeping Tips

Hello everyone, it’s another Friday Five on a Saturday! One of these days I’ll get it right. Let’s get to it then.

I know I’m not alone when I say I have trouble sleeping. I’ve suffered with mild insomnia in the past and still every now and then it’s a struggle just to get some rest. Over the years I’ve heard many things that work, so here are my top 5 tips to help you get to sleep. (I might be doing a part 2 of this in the far future, as I know a few more than just five).

1. No eating before bed. This one may seem like one of the hardest, but it definitely works. So this means skipping that late night snack before bed. But it’s worth it if it means you can get some extra rest in! I’ve always heard to not eat up to 4 hours before you go to sleep. That way your body isn’t trying to digest anything while you’re trying to get some rest. I’ve also heard that just 2 hours before bed works as well, it just depends on how fast you metabolize things.

2. Meditation.  Now it may at first seem silly, but meditation is great for relaxing your mind and letting go of all those thoughts swarming your head late at night. If you need any help getting started, here is a link to “Free guided meditations”. I’ve visited this site many times and it really works great. The best part is they have a couple sessions that are as short as 5 minutes.

3. No screens before bed. Now I’m always guilty of this one. However, when we stay up late on our laptops or phones, our brain registers the brightness of the screens as being “daylight”, thus automatically keeping your brain wide awake. Try reading for an hour before bed or just listening to some calm music instead!

4. Only use your bed for sleep and sex. If you only use your bed for sleep, then when you get to bed your brain will register that it’s time to fall asleep. Try doing other activities like reading, studying, and going on the computer somewhere else. When I lived in my apartment and I switched over to doing all other activities on my couch and floor, it made a huge difference in my sleeping patterns!

5. 5 senses exercise. Now this is one of the best sleeping exercises out of the many I’ve heard from people. While your laying in your bed, list in your head 5 things you hear, 5 things you see, 5 things you feel, and 5 things you smell. (You can do taste too, but I always skip that one because it’s not like you taste anything all the time.) Then you go through and list 4 different things of each sense in your head, then 3, and so on. Usually you’ll fall asleep before you get to 3 or 2. Sometimes I’ve had to go through a couple rotations on really insomniac  days, but eventually it does work.

I hope any of these tips help! What are some things you do to help you fall asleep at night? Please leave a comment below!


One thought on “Friday Five: Sleeping Tips

  1. The 5 senses exercise sounds really interesting! I’m going to try that out tonight. I’ve always had trouble getting to sleep and I totally agree that no screens before bed helps a lot. Doesn’t always mean I get to sleep but if I do stay up in bed on my laptop I definitely won’t


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