Let’s Talk About: Lush

Welcome back from the weekend! As mentioned in my post about Ocean Salt Face Scrub, I recently took my first trip to a physical Lush store instead of just ordering online. While I was there, I learned even more about this lovely company which inspired me to write a post about their policies, actions against animal testing, and sustainability efforts. So buckle up, it’s going to be another long one!

Animal Testing

For over 30 years, Lush has been committed to fighting animal testing, which is amazing. That was one of the first things that drew me to the company; their advocacy towards ending animal testing. In my research, I’ve learned that they extend this advocacy to their suppliers. They exercise a Supplier Specific Boycott in which they do not buy from any suppliers that test on animals for any reason. This includes all of their suppliers, including those in which they purchase raw materials from.

All of their products are completely vegetarian, and they even offer vegan options as well.  Now you might think, as I did, that if they are against animal cruelty, why are not all of their products vegan. Well, this was a thought I had mentioned while on my visit to their store. I learned that they have their own chicken and sheep farms. This way they can get lanolin and eggs for some of their products while ensuring that the animals from which these products come are treated extremely well and with care. I don’t know about you, but I’m vegan and this fact makes even me feel more comfortable about possibly buying some of their non-vegan products. If you want to learn more about their fight against animal testing, they go more into detail on their website here.

Going Green

Another great thing about Lush is all they do for the environment. They do as much as possible to limit any packaging. This goes as far as giving a customer the ability to buy some products without packaging at all. (Obviously this is for the solid products like bath bombs, shampoo bars, etc, not for liquid products). The packaging that they do have is 100% easily recyclable, can be composted, or biodegradable. I especially saw this anytime I ordered anything online. Not only is the cardboard box completely recyclable, the packing peanut things they use on the inside are as well; they can be used for compost and put into your plants or gardens! The box even has a description on it with every way you can recycle each packaging item on the inside. They also have a cool thing where if you bring back 5 of your empty pots for them to reuse, you get a free face mask. Who can turn down that? There are many, many other ways in which Lush uses green practices and if you’d like to learn more, you can visit their website about it here. I know the Supply Chain Management student in me loved researching everything about their supply chain and their green practices within it, so it is worth a good read.


Another great thing about Lush is that their products are handmade with fresh ingredients. This was great news to me, because I love to know what’s exactly in what I put on my skin. They list every ingredient in every product and if you look at the products on the website, they will even give descriptions of each ingredient. This way you know everything in the products you use, which I feel is extremely important. To show how fresh each product is, they also have a sticker that says when each product was made. Over 70% of their range has no preservatives in it as well. This means they do have an expiration date. This is good in that it means you aren’t putting any preservatives on your skin, but also that your product may expire before you finish using it. Some of their products, like the Ocean Salt that I got are beginning to be made with self-preserving ingredients, so that’s nice as well. Here they go more into detail about their fresh, handmade products.

Charity Pot

2015-01-12 13.40.34

While I was checking out at their store, I noticed a stack of these little pots of lotion called Charity Pots, and I had to ask what they were. I was actually looking for a new hand lotion, so this was extremely convenient. All the sales from the Charity Pots go directly into a fund that gets evenly distributed between many different charities that Lush supports. I was glad to hear that it all goes into a fund, so you don’t have to choose just one charity from all these amazing organizations. The plus side: it’s actually a really great lotion. My three big factors in lotion is that it 1. smells nice, 2. doesn’t make my hands shiny, and 3. actually moisturizes. And this Charity Pot lotion hits all three. If you find yourself in a Lush store, I recommend donating some money to some great causes and picking up one of these fine lotions. You can learn more about the organizations they donate to here.


There is only one thing about this great company that I don’t like and I’ve mentioned it before. In order to keep fresh products coming in, they have to “retire” some of their products. This makes complete sense and I don’t blame them. But do you have to get rid of some of my favorites?? Here’s a moment of silence for two of my favorite Lush products to go into retirement: Fox in the Flowers and Dr. Peppermint. You will be dearly missed. A floral bath bomb that smelled like you were in a sunny field complete with flower petals that floated around you in the bath and a shampoo bar perfect for added volume to your hair.

All joking around aside, this truly is a wonderful company and I’m being 100% honest in this. Whenever I think about trying out a new product that’s not tested on animals, I first check Lush’s website to see what products they have that might meet my needs and they are definitely the first company I go to for any bath products. I hope this post wasn’t too text-heavy and sorry if it was. What are some other companies that you know that are like Lush in this aspect? Please leave comments below!


10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Lush

  1. I’ve wanted to try Lush for so long, but after reading this I’m encouraged to even more!
    I knew that their products were all natural ingredients, but I had no idea to what extent and how Eco-friendly they are, or that they are vegan or vegetarian.
    I have a feeling their products will be a new obsession! Thanks for the post!


      1. I am definitely into skin-care! I would have tried it years ago, but I had to budget myself, and I never looked at them again. Thanks!


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