Current Obsession: Lush Ocean Salt Face Scrub

I know this is a Grab Bag Tuesday post on a Wednesday. I’m a bit behind on sticking with schedules. But at least it’s only a day late!

I recently was able to go to a Lush store for the first time in person (I usually buy all my products online, but just found out that there was one about a half hour from me!) The only problem: I went there the day after their “Day after Christmas Sale”, so needless to say, the tiny shop was pretty much wiped out of product. And as you probably guessed it, the only product I was specifically looking for was sold out: my beloved Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser. Since I was already there and I only had a few more washes out of my cleanser, I decided to try something different. That’s when the sales person showed me the Self-Preserving Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub.

2015-01-07 16.46.39

I was first extremely skeptical. One of the ingredients is vodka, so I thought that would just dry out my skin, on top of harsh salt, which I thought would rub my skin raw. I tried a bit on my hand to make sure it didn’t cause me to break out, and even though I had my concerns, I ended up taking a small pot home (I’m extremely susceptible to great sales pitches.) I am, however, glad I picked it up because I was wrong with my reservations about this product. Yes, it does make my skin smell mildly of vodka, but after putting on lotion and makeup and everything, you don’t smell it at all. The salt also does not rub my skin raw. Instead, it feels amazing, like a face massage (ok… I guess facial is the correct term here. I’ve been up since 4am for work, cut me some slack haha.) Also, along with the avocado butter, it truly is the most refreshing and invigorating face scrub I’ve ever used. Perfect for those harsh early mornings. As an added bonus, it makes your skin extremely soft. This is the softest I think my skin has ever felt, and if it wasn’t for the SPF in my lotion, I probably wouldn’t use lotion with this scrub at all.
And did I mention, it’s completely vegan! That’s right, their new self-preserving formula (which means it lasts way longer than the original version) is vegan. If you are looking for a great morning facial scrub, I suggest this product right away. The only other thing I’d say about it is that every now and then (maybe once a week or so), I go back to a gentler facial cleanser, like my old Angels on Bare Skin to give my face a small break from scrubbing at it every morning.
What’s your favorite cleanser to use? Please leave a comment below!


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