Let’s Talk About Hair Care

I hope everyone had a great weekend/holiday break. I know most of you probably are just getting back into the grind of work and school, so sorry if this post ends up being a bit long! I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, but I can already tell I got a lot to put into it. At least it’ll be a departure from textbooks and spreadsheets?

For the longest time, I didn’t take great care of my hair. I was always bored of it, so I constantly box-dyed it, straightened, curled, blow dried, all the chemicals and all the heat to make some unpleasant dead-ends. For awhile I didn’t mind much, I’d just chop off the ends, but I started to realize that I should be taking better care of it. After all, I try to watch what I eat and what I do to my body, shouldn’t I be trying to take great care of my hair as well? That’s when I started really looking at what I use and do to my hair.

Yes, I still curl my hair (my hair is naturally curly/wavy, I just curl it a bit to make it not so frizzy) and every now and then I’ll straighten it. But now I use heat spray before I use any heat on my  hair.

2015-01-05 13.27.40

For a few years now, I’ve been using Tresemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray. Now, I know some of you may say that I shouldn’t use it, that it’s owned by Unilever, who tests on animals. I am very aware of this. Their heat spray, however does not test on animals. I am also aware that doesn’t mean that their other products don’t test on animals so I am consciously looking out for any other heat spray brand that works just as good that is completely not tested on animals. I know this sounds hypocritical of me and you can blame me all you want, but please let me know if you know of any other heat-spray products that are not owned by a third party that tests. Until then, since this product itself is not tested on animals, I will continue using this heat spray. It works great with my hair and honestly besides being owned by Unilever, I can’t find a bad thing to say about it. The way I see it, if Not All Cruelty Free Parent Company sees that one of their only cruelty free products is selling extremely well, they might research into why it’s selling well. And maybe, hopefully, they’ll see that more people are buying it because it isn’t tested on animals, and maybe, hopefully, they’ll stop testing some of their other products on animals. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but if you’re like me in this, I definitely recommend giving this a try (or any other CF heat spray) before the next time you blow dry, flat iron, or curl your hair. You’ll have much healthier, happier hair and the results are amazing.


This post is going to sound like a very controversial post, and I’m starting to think that most of my Let’s Talk About series will continue to be. So buckle tight while I throw some more controversial things your way.
I know most people are used to their routine, showering every/every other morning/night. But in all actuality, the more frequently you wash your hair, the quicker it will become greasy. Your hair gets used to you washing it every day, and thus it will start producing oils more often as a result. Now, I’m not saying you should stop washing your body all together every day, but using a shower cap or just putting your hair up in a bun while you shower helps out a lot. If you are used to washing your hair every day, start off slow. Maybe go to every other day for a couple weeks, then three times a week, and maybe down to twice a week. This sounds gross, but you will thank me later. I wash my hair about twice/three times a week and I rarely ever have greasy hair. You’ll have less dry scalp problems and your hair is less likely to fall out later in life if you wash it less. Trust me, the less you wash your hair, the better.


More recently, be it as a result to long time wear and tear, stress, and medical reasons, every now and then I’ll have thinning out problems. Now it’s not as bad as clumps coming out, but my hair is not as thick as it used to be. Lucky for me, I have naturally curly/wavy hair so it does not ever look thin in any spots. But I notice a difference, and we all know if we notice a difference, that’s all we think about, whether anyone else can notice or not. When this first started happening about a year or two ago, I decided to look into specialty shampoos and things and heard amazing results from some Lush products.

02009_newThe first one I ordered to try out was called New! Yes, I am a little annoyed too that they didn’t come up with a name for it. Whenever I refer to it, it always seems like I can’t remember the name of a new product and I’m just calling it new. But I digress. This was my first “Shampoo bar experience”, so at first I was skeptical. When I first used it, however, it lathered extremely well. I just rubbed it along my hair like I would with a soap bar on my arm, then went through with my fingers to rub it all in. It smelled wonderful, like cinnamon, and was amazing. I noticed practically immediately the results. My hair was fuller, thicker, and I felt extremely better about my hair problems. The other problem was that after a few weeks, I noticed that my back was reacting poorly to it and it just so happens I was allergic to an ingredient in it. I still will recommend this product, though, because it produced amazing results and not everyone’s skin is going to be allergic to it. So it was back to the drawing board for me.

The second one I tried out was called Dr. Peppermint. There is a reason why I don’t have an image for it, and we will get into that in a second. This product was also designed for thinning hair, and the peppermint smelled amazing. It also worked great and fun fact, the smell of peppermint wards off against mosquitoes. My skin didn’t react to it in any negative way, either, so I thought I found a keeper. That was, until I ran out and went to order a new one. One of the very, very few things I don’t like about Lush is that they “retire” products fairly often. And it just so happened that my beloved shampoo didn’t make the cut and was “retired”. I couldn’t find any other of their products that stated worked well for thinning hair, so I just had to try to take a stab at another product.

Karma Komba

Meet Karma Komba. Now, I will start off by saying this product hasn’t helped with my hair problems, but I am taking other solutions (ie, limiting stress in my life and some other more private things), to fix it. Karma Komba, however, is still an amazing product. The smell is great and lasts a long time. So even if you are like me and live with well water, your hair sure won’t smell like it. It also boosts the shine in your hair and leaves your hair tangled free. I definitely will continue using this shampoo bar (until they “retire it”….)


Ok, I promise this long-ass post is coming to a close. But one last tidbit and “product review” before you go. Conditioner is a valuable part of washing your hair. You don’t necessarily have to condition your hair with every wash, but it does have some great elements to it. Also, it must be noted that when using conditioner, it is very easy to use too much. Too much conditioner is what causes your hair to feel a bit waxy (a good fix to this is to get a good clarifying shampoo, which is also good to use before dying your hair.)


I have been using Veganese for quite a few months now and I have no complaints. It smells wonderful and gives your hair a bit of extra volume. It leaves your hair soft and smooth, making it look it’s healthiest. And no lanolin! I am extremely impressed with this products.

So thank you for sticking with the long-winded post, and remember, your hair is a part of your body. Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of your skin. I hope that any of these tips helped. What tips/products do you recommend for healthy, long lasting hair? Please leave a comment below! (also, I’m currently on the lookout for a great hairspray free from animal testing. What do you use?)


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