Friday Five: Childhood Games with an Adult Twist

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and had a bunch of fun and got home safely.  To honor the usual New Year festivities, for my first Friday Five I thought I’d list some of my favorite childhood games that I dug up for fun drinking games.

1. Chutes (Or Snakes) and Ladders: When I was in college, this was by far my favorite drinking board game. It was extremely simple and everyone knew how to play, which is the two most important things to consider when converting board games into drinking games. The first time my friends and I played it, for every chute (or snake) you go down, you take a shot, and for every ladder you go up, everyone else takes a shot. Very quickly we realized that we should have stuck to just drinks instead of shots, so I definitely recommend just taking drinks of your beverage of choice instead.

2. Candyland: After discovering that the fun childhood game Chutes and Ladders was perfect for a drinking game, I decided that my friends and I should try out some other board games from our past and we came to Candyland. Like Chutes, it was fun and simple. We each picked a color and when someone landed on our color or an obstacle, they had to drink. The winner, as an added bonus, got to deal out five drinks. Although not as fun as Chutes, this was also a very successful, fun pregame drinking game.

3. Apples to Apples: Now I know I didn’t play this game in my childhood, but many people I knew did and they introduced this game to me primarily as a drinking game. If you haven’t ever played it, it’s quite fun, even as a sober game. It’s kind of like a more PG version of Cards Against Humanity, where you pick a card with a word or phrase and everyone else has to pick one of their cards that best goes with it. The original person then picks which card they think works best (or is funniest), and the person with that card wins the round. Combine this with drinking and you can get some funny outcomes!

4. Jenga: Another one of my favorites from childhood. Simple and I’m sure everyone has played this one before! The best way to convert this into a drinking game is to write on each of the pieces little truths or dares or things of that nature (ie, Kiss the person to the left, guys drink, tallest person drinks, play never have I ever with the group, etc.) When you build the tower, make sure these are all faced down and when one player pulls out a piece, they read out what it says and the group or person does what it says. It makes for a fun time! (It’s always good to make sure that they are things people are comfortable with. You don’t want to force people to strip or anything!)

5. Mario Cart: Now this was kind of a bonus one I thought of, as not everyone has a Nintendo 64 (or any other Nintendo system for that matter, but Mario Cart 64 is the best imo). However, if the host of the party or small gathering of friends has it, you should try to get everyone to play. I know there are multiple versions of the drinking game to this. The one I play most often is that you have to finish your drink before you cross the finish line. Every time you drink, you have to let go of the controller, so you are faced with the options of trying to chug it all down first and “driving drunk” while trying to catch up, stopping at random intervals to drink, or trying to get far into first so you have plenty of time right before the finish line to drink. Other versions include drinking every time you get hit with a shell, finishing your drink when you get hit with a blue shell, etc.

As always, I only condone safe drinking habits; never drink and drive, make sure you are with friends when drinking, and never pressure anyone into drinking. Hope you had a fun NYE!
What are your favorite drinking games? Leave some down in the comments!


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