Product Review – Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes

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Recently I purchased Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes to test out and I wanted to give my honest opinion about this product. Now before going into it, I would like to note that this is the experience that I had with the product, which might be different than the experience you might have with the product. Everyone’s lovely skin is different and reacts to different things in different ways, so if you still aren’t sure I’d test a little bit out on your skin. (And sorry for the mediocre picture of it, there are like five lights in the bathroom so it’s almost impossible to avoid glare)

2014-12-30 08.04.13
Now if you remember from my Skin Care post, I was using Simple Cleansing Wipes. However, I am still unsure as to their policies on animal testing (they are owned by Unilever and their website seems to talk circles around it), so I figured I’d give this a go. I have always heard to try out Yes To Carrots products (they own Yes to Cucumbers) once going Cruelty Free and I found a good sale on their facial wipes. When I first used the product, I noticed the intense smell of cucumbers (I love the smell of cucumbers and find it relaxing, but if you’re not a fan, it can be overpowering). I also noticed that it did a great job at taking off my makeup; only a few swipes and all of my water proof mascara and eyeliner were barely visible. Then the slight burning around my eyes happened. I will note again that this might not necessarily happen to you, all skin types are different, but I have never noticed any sensitivity around my eyes with products before. I figured that hypoallergenic would be for sensitive skin too, so I thought that maybe it was something outside of the facial wipes and proceeded use the next day. But the burning persisted enough to make my eyes water the next couple times I used it. The burning would last for around a half hour, too, and I knew it had to be from these wipes. I was extremely disappointed to discover this since I’ve heard so many great things about Yes To… products. This will not stop me from trying their other products sometime, but I definitely will be testing their products on my skin before my face from now on and I suggest you do the same.

Have you had similar experiences with Yes To products? Or have you tried this product before and found it worked amazingly well? Please share your experiences below!


2 thoughts on “Product Review – Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes

  1. Ok, so if the Cucumber ones gave you a hard time DO NOT try any of their other ones. Especially stay away from the Grapefruit one! I stopped using Simple products bc Unilever sales in China where animal testing is mandatory but to be honest I wasn’t the BIGGEST fan of their wipes because I didn’t find they were moist enough. I actually love the cucumber wipes, but maybe you are allergic to an ingredient in them? Another brand that is cruelty free and natural is Acure. I really love their wipes too but you might have to order them online. I’m pretty sure shipping is free too! I hope you life in the US though cause they don’t ship anywhere else yet 😦


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