Apologies and Future Plans

Hello all, I would like to first start by saying sorry for being MIA for quite awhile. Combined with my computer issues, starting a new job, and the holiday season, I haven’t found myself any time to post on here. No one is more bummed about it than me, for I had some great Christmas posts planned. But alas, I will keep the ideas around for another time.

In order to amend this absence, I have decided to start a more structured approach to posting on this blog. After getting used to my new work schedule (some days I have to wake up at 4am for work, so after work I’m far too exhausted to be productive) and the holiday season sadly ended, I sat down and planned a more appropriate posting schedule:

Tuesday: Grab bag day – I plan to use this day as a mix of categories of current obsessions, product reviews, DIY projects, recipes, etc.
Friday: 5 Friday – Pretty self explanatory, I’ll use this day for top five lists ranging from products to tips and tricks, etc.Weekend: Let’s Talk About – I will be continuing my Let’s Talk About category, but perhaps I’ll have a bit of a different spin about it. I’ll use this day to talk to you about things ranging from hair care routines (much like how I have been doing Let’s Talk About) to talking about companies cruelty free policies and thoughts I have about certain issues. I’m just having this set for the weekend instead of Saturday or Sunday just because weekends can be a bit cloudy for me in my work scheduling. I don’t want to make a concrete promise, but I can try to have it out sometime during the weekend.

I will try to keep to this new schedule as much as possible and thanks for sticking with me while I’ve been MIA. Hope your holidays went well!


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