Let’s Talk About… Base Makeup (Part 3)

Sorry it’s been awhile since last posting, still having computer issues! Hopefully I’ll have it all resolved soon.  Until then, let’s talk about the next few base makeups.


Now I am personally all about pressed powder foundation. I always find that liquid foundation feels so thick on my skin, and I don’t want to suffocate my skin under it. That’s when I tried pressed powder. I love how it barely feels like you are putting anything on your skin. I know it tends to make your face seem cakey, but if you use primer (and/or lotion), tap off loose powder on your brush before applying, and don’t use an excessive amount, you should be perfectly fine!


When I started looking for a new, cruelty-free pressed powder, I went straight for Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Pressed Powder SPF 30 in Beige. I’ve always heard good thing about their foundations, and figured their pressed powder must be good. I immediately loved this product. I blend it in with a thick face brush and it smooths into my concealer quite nicely. It gives my face a nice clean appearance. I like the fact that it has SPF in it as well so it helps keep my face away from harmful rays when I’m not even thinking about it. I have yet to try any other CF pressed powders since I have fallen so much in love with it. It also lasts for an insanely long time.


Now I’ve only started using bronzers a little over a year ago, so I still feel a little new to it. I mostly use bronzers to contour my face vs. using it for making my face seem more tan. When I first decided to start trying out bronzers, I happened to find one from my sister’s old makeup collection still in my parent’s house.

2014-12-17 16.05.31

It was Milani Powder Bronzer in Medium #02. I’m not sure how old it is or if it even still exists in stores, but I still found it to work greatly. It happened to be just the perfect shade (it looks darker in photos than on my skin) and worked really well. The consistency was great, pressed so much that there was barely any loose powder that you had to tap off before applying.There’s a bit of sparkles in it too, which helps brighten up the skin. It also happened to be cruelty free, which is a great plus when I made my switch. I apply my bronzers using a separate thick face brush than the one for my foundation, and draw a three-shape along the side of my face: around my forehead, down and up my cheekbones, and around my jawline. Then I go back and blend in the edges with my foundation brush.
I loved this product so much that, as you can see, it has gotten an extreme amount of use. However, I noticed that I was going to have to start looking for a new bronzer since I doubt they keep making this one. That’s when I happened to find an amazing sale at CVS.

2014-12-17 16.06.32

Sometimes at CVS they will have random products marked at 75% off (Great, I know!), and to my luck and surprise, they had Physician’s Formula Summer Eclipse Radiant Bronzing Powder in moonlight for this amazing deal. That made this over $15 product for under $5…. Great, I know! So I knew I had to give it a go. And I was quite surprised. It is a bit lighter of a shade than my Milani product, but I actually find it to work better for my paler “winter skintone”. It does make it more difficult with the two sides, though. In my understanding, you can brush over the moon and all for an even tanned-look, however since I use it for contouring, I use the far right side for my cheekbones and such. It makes using a big face brush more of a precision exercise to not accidentally mix it all up. Sometimes I do use the moon shade, which is light and golden with sparkles, as a bit of highlighter and lightly use it to blend in my bronzer. All in all, given that I paid under $5 for it, I am quite impressed. When needing new bronzer, however, I will probably look more for compacts with just one shade.

Which bronzers  and foundation do you use? Please leave any more recommendations on great CF products!


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