Let’s Talk About…. Base Makeup (Part 2)

Continuing on from my previous “Base Makeup” post, I will be talking about a couple other products that go into my daily routine of makeup.


After I use my primer, the next most important part of my base makeup is concealer. Now, I know concealer can be a girls best friend when applying makeup, so when I made the switch to cruelty free it was one of the first things I searched for. That’s when I discovered this beauty.
IMAG0981Physicians Formula Concealer Twins. Not only did this product work really well, it made me feel like a genius scientist. (Ok, that might be going a little too far, but it DID make applying makeup a bit of fun). Let me explain:
IMAG0982This product has two sides! The first one you unscrew is for the yellowish color. This I apply under my eyes to help conceal those sleepy bags and make myself appear a bit more rested than I ever am.
IMAG0983Then the second part is a light concealer color. (They might carry different shades, but I’ve only seen it in light, which is fine once you put your foundation or bronzer over it.) I usually use this for any apparent spots that may be on my face. After I’ve done this, I blend in these two with a soft makeup sponge by dabbing the area instead of swiping. I find this method to be a bit more effective.
Before switching all my products, I found a love for concealer sticks. So, after I found out how much I loved these products, I got the light color in a stick as well.IMAG0986This Gentile Cover Concealer Stick in Light worked just as good as the concealer twin counterpart. However, since it’s in stick-form, it lasts a lot longer and goes on a bit thicker. I also find it a lot easier to apply. After I blend in the spots from the concealer twins, I go over under my eyes, any spots I went over with the concealer twin, and my T-zone with this. My favorite part about the concealer stick is that even though it’s thick enough to hide imperfections, it doesn’t feel heavy. This is great since I cover a big area with my T-zone (my nose gets a bit red in the cold weather, so that’s the only reason why I use concealer there and it helps tremendously.) I also like that it’s a bit lighter than my foundation color because it helps brighten my face up and I use it as a highlighter of sorts.
I will admit that I haven’t tried any other cruelty free concealers yet, so I have nothing to really compare this product with. I am just so pleased with how well these two concealer products work that I haven’t found a need yet to try other brands out. If I do, I will definitely keep you updated on any other concealer hits and misses I find. Since I’m sure there are other great brands out there, feel free to comment below any great cruelty free concealer finds in your stash!


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