Current Obsession… Eyeliner Markers!


Yup, that’s right, eye liner markers. Ever since I first heard of these, I knew I had to give it a try. As mentioned in my cream eyeliner post, I am far too lazy for eyeliner pencils; I hate the constant sharpening, and there are far too many times where stupid shavings get caught in your eyes. These felt tip eyeliner markers seem to be a great fusion of the ease of cream liner and the bold look of liquid liner.

The first one I tried was Physician’s Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker in Ultra Black. This was when I first noticed the pluses of using markers (the extreme ease of making cat-eyes) and the negatives; they tend to dry out quickly. Or at least it seemed that way when I used this once. It only lasted a couple times before completely drying out. (I’ll add tips to keeping this from happening in the end. If I had followed these tips to begin with, this marker might have lasted longer. This was just from my experience.) Since it didn’t cost too much, I decided to keep going and pick up a different brand to see if I’d get different results.

The second one I went to was the Super Skinny Eye Marker by NYX in Carbon Black. I liked the skinnier tip as it made it easier to go over small mistakes. Still, I felt like this marker didn’t last quite as long as I was hoping. For awhile, I switched back and forth; by the time one was dried out, the other would be okay to use again. But I still wasn’t entirely satisfied with these products and switched back to my good ol’ cream liner again.

When I went to the local grocery store a few weeks later, I was surprised to notice they had a wide variety of e.l.f. products, for all under $3. I figured why not check out if they have any eyeliner markers. I had given up hope on them, but for under $3, I felt I wasn’t wasting too much money if it ended up not working out. They did end up having one, e.l.f.’s Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black. I was excited to give it a go, and I thought the waterproof would maybe give it a higher chance not to dry out. I was delightedly surprised, as it lasted quite a bit longer  than the other markers I used. After awhile, though, I found myself switching around markers again. I’m really not sure why this worked, but it did, and with three different markers to switch around with, it worked quite well. A weird system, but a system that worked none-the-less. I was pretty satisfied by then with the products, that I stuck with it.

During this whole time, I had explained to my mom my troubles with these eyeliner markers, and she ended up surprising me with another one she got at Charlotte Russe on her recent trip to the mall. She told me she spent less than $5 on it, so if it didn’t work, it wasn’t a big deal. I did a bit of research, and although I didn’t find any specific information on the product, the whole store, even it’s nail polish, checked out to be cruelty free. (If you know otherwise, please let me know in the comments!) This ended up being Charlotte Russe Felt Tip Eyeliner in Very Black. I was extremely, pleasantly surprised by this product. Not only did it last long (it still hasn’t dried out), it went on extremely easy. I barely have to go over it more than once on my lid, and it lasts on my eyes practically until I wash off my makeup. If you are interested in trying out an eyeliner marker, I definitely suggest going for this one!

Some tips and tricks I have learned to keep it from drying out:

  • Store your markers tip-down. I have just been putting them in a small mason jar, and that seems to work fine.
  • If you put eyeliner on your waterline, I don’t suggest using these for it. For some reason, they seem to dry out more. I suggest going with your current go-to for your waterline, and just using markers for your top lid.
  • Don’t shake them. When you use normal markers or pens to write, sometimes  you can shake them in order to make the ink go to the point. This, however, does not work well for eyeliner markers.

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